Steel Sheet Piling November 24, 2013 at 12:15 am

Steel sheet pilings are used widely in the construction industry and are supplied by sheet piling contractors. Steel sheet piles are long vertical sections of steel which snugly interlock to form one continuous wall. These interlocking steel walls are constructed in order to retain either soil or water typically on a building construction site.

The ground in which the sheet piling is to be driven must also be assessed to assess the soil conditions and ground work so that the correct driving mechanism and steel piling geometry can be correctly chosen.

Steel sheet piling can be a permanent or temporary application. Permanent steel piles are designed to remain in the ground as a permanent retaining structure. Temporary sheet piling is used to provide a safe space for access during the construction process which will be removed once the job is complete.

There are two main ways in which sheet piling is manufactured and these are hot rolled and cold formed. The most distinctive difference between the two types of piling is the interlock. The interlock on hot rolled piling tends to be tighter than that of cold formed piling. Hot rolled pilings are also larger as a general rule and have a broader range of strengths.

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